Tips to make your apartment extra cosy for autumn

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Autumn is a season of wonder - where the leaves dance in brilliant hues, the air grows cool and crisp, and warm drinks comfort our souls. It's the perfect opportunity to modify your living space to match the change in season. A mere change in soft furnishings, accessories, or furniture arrangement can make a significant difference in your home's atmosphere.

This fall season, it's time to elevate your humble abode and create a welcoming haven that exudes warmth and comfort. Read along.


Add warmth with textures

Neutral-toned bedsheets and blankets on your bed add instant comfort. Image of 33 Manning.

To create a cosy and welcoming space in your apartment, include comfortable pieces that make you feel relaxed and at ease. One simple way to achieve this is by adding warm, neutral-toned blankets and cushions to your spaces. Soft throws made of wool, cashmere, or faux fur will give your apartment instant warmth and comfort.

These luxurious textures are perfect for snuggling up on the couch in the autumn. Additionally, adding some textured pillows will create a layered look that is both stylish and inviting. You may also want to add soft rugs for an extra layer of comfort to your living space – making it the perfect spot to curl up, read a book, have a hot drink, and relax.


Incorporate natural elements

Fresh flowers and warm towels in bathrooms add a comforting seasonal touch. Image of Stella Maris.

As the season shifts to autumn, it's the perfect time to bring nature's beauty into your home. Adding potted plants or flowers is an excellent way to incorporate a natural element that brings life and warmth to your space.

Dried leaves and branches can be a perfect addition to your autumn decorations, adding a natural and rustic feel to your home. They can be used to create beautiful and unique seasonal displays that showcase the rich colours of fall, from deep oranges and yellows to rich browns and reds. 


Warm lighting

With longer nights, autumn evenings are perfect for lighting candles and switching off the overhead lights. Candlelights can create a soft, warm glow in your environment while adding a layer of cosiness.

You can also use lamps with warm-coloured bulbs to create a similar effect. Soft, warm light is especially important during autumn, as it helps combat the chilly weather outside and creates a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere indoors.


Create a reading nook or listening corner

A reading nook makes the perfect spot to relax with a good book and a cup of tea. Image of Aura by Aqualand.

Creating a cosy reading nook is a great way to make your apartment feel more inviting during this colder season.

Choose a comfortable chair or couch, add soft cushions with a knit blanket, and place a side table with a lamp nearby. If you are a music fan, decorate this corner with some of your favourite vinyl album covers and set up the sound system to make the perfect place to unwind while listening to your favourite tunes.


Switch to autumn scents

Did you know that autumn has its signature scents? Some of the season’s most sought-after smells include pumpkin spice, ginger, cedar wood, and cinnamon.

Adding scented candles, diffusers, or incense with these scents can complete the vibe in your home. You can also use various fragrant or non-scented varieties of essential oils to create a personalised perfume for your apartment.


Warm colour is in!

Incorporating warm-coloured furniture is one way to bring the autumn season inside. Image of Canopy House by Aria.

Warm colours like deep red tones, rich oranges, yellow, and brown can create a warming, homely environment. You can incorporate these colours into your decor by adding cushions, rugs, curtains, or furniture to instantly bring the autumn season indoors. You can also opt for more muted tones or earthy colours to create a subtle yet still warm and cosy ambience.


Layer your bedding

Layering your bed is one of the best ways to make your bedroom feel extra warm and cosy. Use a duvet or comforter, soft blankets and throws, and different textured pillows to create a comfortable space to snug into.

Some alternatives are velvet felt, quilts, and heavy knits in colours that complement your space. Add warm-toned pillow shams to make it feel extra seasonal.


The heart of your home

Autumnal decor in your kitchen can make all the difference. Image of AVERY.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and making it feel cosy and welcoming is essential during autumn. Use warm colours for your kitchen decor, add seasonal tablecloths, and use autumn-themed dishware. Add scented candles or simmer potpourri on the stove to create a cosy and inviting environment.


Stay warm

Finally, one of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere in your apartment during autumn is to stay warm. Use a space heater or electric blanket to keep your space warm and inviting during cooler weather.


The bottom line

Use these tips to come home to a cosy haven this fall season. Image of The Allere Collection.

Fall decorating can be easy and uncomplicated. It's all about adding warmth and comfort to your space. Swap the cotton and linen for warm wool and flannel, find extra blankets and pillows, and light the scented candles.

However, there's no reason you must stay indoors and neglect the outdoors just because it's getting a little chillier. Remember to get some fresh air occasionally to avoid the Autumn Blues! Then, return home to a cosy haven.

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